As a part of its objectives SEJON has been organizing, assisting and coordinating different seminars, workshops, and training and event management programs in association with various national and international organizations. SEJON has been gradually upgrading its strength of activities at a time when business and financial news increasingly deserve the front page coverage with the rising interest in economic issues among the public. SEJON members have also been joining hand together in the common pursuit of the highest standards of economic journalism, through both individual and collective efforts. As a responsible organization of economic journalists, SEJON has been also playing a proactive role in raising pertinent economic issues of public importance and wide spread influence. SEJON always encourage its members toward professional economic journalism and has been continuously providing forum to its members to write different economic issues through its regular publication Arthaniti. It has also been stressing on the proper representation of business journalists in national and international events so as to forge stronger linkage with different organizations and raise the burning issue to light for public debate. As an organization to support liberal economic policy, the SEJON has also been raising voice for establishment of conducive business environment for faster economic growth in the country.