About Us

The Society of Economic Journalists-Nepal (SEJON)-non-profit organization- is a representative body incorporating over 254 professional economic journalists associated with print, electronic and online media across the country.

Established in 1998 ( 2054 BS) with 10 enthusiast economic journalists to fulfill the mounting need of forum for journalists reporting on economic issues to forge synergy for enhancing professionalism and capacity building among them.

As a common platform of Nepali economic journalists, SEJON has been dedicated itself to bring the burning economic issues to public attention by organizing different interactions with economists, policy-makers, business leaders and other stakeholders. SEJON has been also arranging different levels of trainings within the country and abroad for its members in collaboration with different organizations to build-up their professional capacity.

Acknowledging responsibility toward its members, SEJON, as a representative association, has been also gradually expanding its activities that are directed toward facilitating the social security of the business journalists. SEJON believe in positive role of economic journalists to encourage fair business environment among business people by respecting the ethical standard and professional integrity as its social responsibility.

Throughout its almost one and a half decade journey, it has been working in promoting economic journalism and professionalism among members, conducting public debates and suggesting policy makers on pertinent economic issues and enhancing capacity of members through different levels of trainings within the country and abroad according to their levels and sectors of reporting. SEJON has proved itself as a successful professional association by upholding the sense of integrity and professionalism among the members who are not only from different academic background but representing different media organizations that includes reputed newspapers, TV stations, Radio as well as online news portals.